As your business partner we always ensure the prosperity and success of your organisation.

As experienced business service specialists we help meet wide ranging challenges, exploit opportunities and solve business problems successfully.



Our Services

CoetzeeSmit is committed to ensuring that outstanding service is delivered to all our clients.
We continually seek ways in which to improve our service and contribution to our clients’ success.

Our Background

1969 – 2018 More than 50 years of Excellence

Our firm was founded on 1 April 1967 as Leendert Dekker and Partners. To enable us to keep abreast of all new development and to achieve the aims of our clients, we went through various amalgamations and name changes.

Our clients demanded a personal, all-inclusive service and on 1 July 1996 we decided to personalise our name to CoetzeeSmit. The innovative use of the surnames Smit and Coetzee in one word, namely “CoetzeeSmit”, formed a new entity and created a lasting personality for the firm.

Our Symbols

The corporate blue represents the professionalism of the business world, while the green suggests the agricultural nature of South Africa. The logo is formed by the two circles enveloping the “C” and “S”, which are reminiscent of stamps of approval and quality. The name and symbols, which are both formal and friendly, fill our personnel with pride and inspire us to enthusiastically implement our slogan, namely:

“Business partner who focuses on your success”.

Our Commitment

We are totally committed tot the success of our clients

Pro-active advice and innovative ideas

We focus on identifying and solving problems pro-actively, and on finding creative ways of achieving the aims of our clients.

Purposeful and effective communication

We believe in keeping clients informed and in keeping all communication straightforward and precise.

Reliable service at all times provides added value

We strive to conclude all tasks within deadlines, to meet all obligations promptly and to exceed the client’s expectations. We remain in contact throughout to be accessible to our clients where and when needed.


We harness our extensive resources to offer a streamlined service aimed at improving our clients business results.

The CoetzeeSmit Winning Partnership

For the CoetzeeSmit team of experienced and highly skilled professional experts it is vitally important first to acquit themselves fully with the business activities of their clients and then keep abreast of all new developments. They offer an extensive range of multi-disciplinary services, backed by state-of-the-art technology. In short, with CoetzeeSmit as your business partner you have the people, the skills, the technology and the bright ideas to ensure the prosperity and success of your organisation.

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